Mallorca Beaches

Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondrago Beach distance 14.4 km
Cala Mondragó is one of Mallorca’s top beaches in the southeast of Mallorca, about 10 kilometres from the rural town of Santanyi and the popular resort beach of Cala D’Or. Cala Mondragó is one of Mallorca’s best Blue Flag beaches in part because it was declared a natural park in 1992, protecting the area from development and mass tourism.

Though the beach can certainly get crowded in summer months, it remains a clean and relatively low-key, with beachgoers respecting its natural beauty and eco-responsible status. Cala Mondragó, also known as Caló de sa font de n’Alis, is a cove beach, 75 metres long, in between two rocky outcroppings, with white sand and calm, clear water. It is backed up by pine tress and desert plants, which offer lovely paths to wander among or find a bit of shade if needed.

Cala Varques

Cala Varques Beach distance 17.1 km
Cala Varques is one of the most relaxed and low key beaches on Mallorca. Located in the southeast of the island, between the resort towns of Porto Cristo and Portocolom, Cala Varques has a touch of a hippy vibe to it, and indeed you might find some free spirits selling jewellery, drinks or other small souvenirs while you are there.

The secluded, cove beach is 90-metres long with white sand and deep, blue water. It is surrounded by low, rocky cliffs and trees. The beach is popular with locals and tourists, particularly couples, who are looking for a chilled out beach day. It is a favorite beach among naturists as well. There are no restaurants or facilities at Cala Varques, nor any water sports for hire, so it is less family-friendly in that regard.

Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards Beach distance 15.3 km
Cala Llombards is a stunning cove beach in the southeast of Mallorca, near to the small village, Es Llombards and about 10 kilometres from Santanyi. Cala Llombards is a tiny beach at just 55 metres long but stretches far back, almost like a cone shape, to the pine trees and bushes, going nearly 150 metres deep. This secluded beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky areas, as well as pine trees and scrubs.

The sand is white and soft and the water is beautifully crystal clear and ideal for snorkeling. There are no waves here, or rarely so, making it ideal for swimming with children as well. Because this beach is a bit tucked away and rather small, it is a popular beach for locals as well as tourists, old and young, particularly Germans, many of whom rent vacation houses nearby. This beach is for relaxing, not a party beach or one with outside activities. You can still see some of the small fisherman’s houses along this cove beach, which adds to its charm.

Es Trenc

Es Trenc Beach distance 16.3 km
Es Trenc is one of the best known beaches on the island of Mallorca because of its Caribbean blue waters and bright white sand that extends over 2 kilometeres along the south of the island. Located between the popular beach resort town, Colonia San Jordi, the flat wetlands of Ses Salines, where some of the best salt in the Balearics is produced, and Sa Rapita, Es Trenc, which translates as “ravine,” is a beach for nature lovers, who will appreciate the sense of remoteness, wild beauty, and heat.

Es Trenc is a relaxed beach, though it mainly draws a younger crowd of 20 and 30 year-olds, and families, but you will also find older people here as well. There are few, if any water sports and with only one main restaurant and a few chiringuitos, the Mallorcan-style beach bar that serve casual but good food, there is not much in the way of restaurants and outside tourist activity.

Platja d’es Carbó

Cala Llombards Beach distance 18.2 km
Platja d’es Carbó, also known as Es Carbó, is a long stretch of white sand beach with crystal clear blue waters in the southern tip of the island. The beach is backed by sand dunes, pine trees and low lying desert bushes and little else. The popular resort town of Colonia San Jordi is the nearest town and from where you depart on foot to access this rather beautiful and remote beach.

Es Carbó is over 1 kilometre long, but there is little going on here in terms of action and activities. There are no umbrellas or lounge chairs, no water sports activities for hire, no facilities, and no restaurants. The beach attracts many local residents, Spanish mainland tourists and Germans, and because of the lack of amenities and access, you’ll see more of a younger-middle age crowd here, hikers and the hearty beach goer, and less families with children.

Cala Sa Nau

Cala Sa Nau Beach distance 23.3 km
Cala Sa Nau is a perfect example of why beaches on the south-eastern coast of Mallorca can be so exceptional. Tucked in between the larger resort town of Cala d’Or and Portocolom and about 15 kilometres from Santanyi and Felanitx, Cala Sa Nau is a small cove beach only about 50 metres wide and 70 metres deep that is surrounded by low level limestone cliffs. It is a beautiful, tranquil spot popular with locals and tourists who love quieter beaches that are more about being in nature than being social, but you will see some families here as well.

With white sand and crystal clear, blue water, Cala Sa Nau is an ideal beach for snorkelling and swimming and as there are no other water sports for hire here, many people come here just for that. You can rent sunbeds and parasols for the day and there are facilities with showers and toilets.